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Are you an aged care employer looking to meet care staffing demands? Aged care traineeships are a cost-effective solution for aged care providers looking to address staff shortages and access new, skilled workers.

Many care providers are unaware of the traineeship model and the financial incentives available. Aged Care Traineeships offer a unique opportunity to build your care team with skilled professionals while benefiting from financial support.

Benefits for Care Aged Care Providers

Reduce Recruitment and Training Costs

Access a 10% wage subsidy for each new trainee, up to $1,500 quarterly and $6,000 annually for eligible care providers. 

We help you navigate the wage subsidy claiming process, ensuring you receive all benefits and financial support available to your facility. 

Understand the financial support available to care facilities. 

Our Training Partners

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About the Traineeship Program Delivered By Skilled Care

Skilled Care’s Care Traineeship program is designed to equip new workers/trainees with a Certificate III in Individual Support within a 9 -12-month period, all while they gain hands-on experience working in your facility. 

Our structured, intensive training blocks lay a solid aged care foundation, with periodic intensive sessions to solidify and advance their expertise. As they graduate, trainees emerge not just with a qualification but with a year’s worth of invaluable, on-the-job learning, fully equipped to deliver superior care.

Success in Hard-to-Staff Regional Areas

Our aged care traineeships are successfully running in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Central Coast. Furthermore, we are highly capable in delivering our traineeship model in hard-to-staff regional areas with intakes currently running in Canowindra, Goulburn and Tweed. 


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We Help you integrate traineeships into your facility

Worried about the cost and logistics of running an aged care traineeship program at your facility? 

Our program is designed for rapid integration and minimal disruption to your current operations. Plus, employers can access a 10% wage subsidy via the Australian Apprentice Incentive Scheme, saving you as much as $6,000 per year per trainee.

Understand the financial support available

Financial Support & Incentives for Care Providers

With reduced starting salaries and substantial government subsidies, choosing a trainee for your team is a smart financial move.

Aged care employers can benefit from reduced initial salaries and government subsidies when hiring trainees. Under the Australian Apprentice Incentive Scheme, eligible businesses can receive a 10% wage subsidy for each new trainee, up to $1,500 quarterly, and $6,000 annually in high-demand sectors such as aged care.

The Aged Care Traineeship program, delivered by Skilled Care provides a smart way to reinvest in your business and training, with additional incentives for diverse hiring practices and no limit on the number of trainees.

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Gain comprehensive insight into our traineeship model,  a week-to-week breakdown of the program and discover how our traineeships can transform your facility. 

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